Donovan Russo:
A Multimedia Creator

Donovan Russo:
A Multimedia Creator

Please enjoy my portfolio for CNBC!

Guardians of the Galaxy: a Disney blockbuster movie that needs a plan to save itself


Marvel's most powerful character ever is a woman... Hollywood's next billion-dollar star


'Venom' will put blockbuster superhero movies to the ultimate, villainous test


Netflix's biggest daredevil move: Making blockbuster comic book movies for theaters


Beyond Stan Lee: Big decisions for Marvel superhero stories and films in the future


How independent movies, lagging in funding and promotion, are getting a boost from big media


I have generated over 3.02 million page views for my work.

Coldplay: A $500 million success that also may be the last big 'rock' band in history


Avengers' biggest 'Endgame' could be another $2 billion win at the box office worldwide


How Sony's 'Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse' uses AR to put a new spin on a beloved superhero


‘Bumblebee’ will test whether ‘burned out’ fans... come back to the moribund ‘Transformers'


‘Black Panther’ could make Oscars history as first superhero movie to get Best Picture nomination


I have proudly written 32 articles for CNBC.

‘The Punisher’ is back on Netflix, but comic book fans wonder if the antihero can survive 2019


Super power grab: ‘Aqua Man’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ blockbuster wins shake up the DC ...


Arianna Huffington on the next big thing in tech: Disconnecting from it


James Cameron's 'Alita' battles at box office to prove doubters wrong


Google is building a solar power project above fishing ponds in Taiwan, its first in Asia


Interviews include Arianna Huffington & Robert Rodriguez.

'Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3': James Gunn is back in, but Marvel may have lost...


Bryce Harper's $330 million Phillies contract can't solve baseball's bigger spending problem


China plans a solar power play in space that NASA abandoned decades ago


Sony has big plans for Spider-Man cinematic universe, but a key hero is unavailable: Spidey


Batman turns 80 today. He’s still fighting crime and delivering at the box-office


After ‘Avengers: Endgame’: Marvel’s next big move may be a step back in time


As well as YouTubers Jeremy Jahns & Greg O'Gallagher.

Disney does Deadpool:... could be Marvel’s leading man after ‘Avengers: Endgame’


‘Avengers: Endgame’: Lead like a Marvel superhero in the workforce


Bolsonaro backlash... Brazilian president calls into question corporate support of LGBT rights


‘Avengers Endgame’: The not-so-hidden environmental politics of Marvel’s apocalyptic blockbuster


I also reported on a diverse range of topics.

About Me


My Background

I currently live in New Jersey and will be attending Seton Hall University in the fall to pursue an MBA. I am a multimedia creator: screenplays, articles, short stories, poetry and music. I also am an English tutor and a personal fitness trainer. 


My Hobbies

My three favorite activities to partake in are writing, exercising and playing piano. Here is a picture from my show January 2018, promoting my album"The Pet Project".


My Latest Screenplay Project

"What's Bothering Damon King?" is the sixth screenplay that I have written. I am currently writing and editing drafts to submit into competitions. 

What's next for me!

Below are details regarding future projects and endeavors


I will be pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Seton Hall University.


I will be joining Yahoo Finance this summer as a financial journalism intern, starting in June.

Creative Writing

I am currently rewriting some old screen plays, preparing them for competitions and literary agencies.

I will be releasing at least two new short stories this summer.

I am also in the process of launching my new comic book series.


My new album, "Thoughts Among Whispers" is currently in production.


My new short film, "The Crayon" is in post production.

My production team is planning our next project.


Contact Me

Get in Touch!

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My Resume

References are available upon request. Enjoy!

Screenplay loglines- Contact me if you would like to read!

"A Bad Day In LA"

A bad day in Los Angeles occurs for a group of unique investors when the budget for their movie is stolen.

The Hardest Part

Through the death of his brother, a man learns to reconcile with his family and to appreciate the woman who he subconsciously loves.

Short Stories and Essays to read

Please enjoy these stories and papers that I have written!

J40 Fever (pdf)


Over The Hills And Far Away (pdf)


This Man's Life (pdf)


A Boy and his Pa (pdf)


One With The Water (pdf)


A Stroll Home (pdf)


The Virgin Soldier (pdf)


The Man With A Gun (pdf)


The Crayon (pdf)


Comparing "1984" to the "Handmaid's Tale" (pdf)


An Analysis of "Housekeeping" through "Sex In Public" (pdf)


The use of Gender and Oppression through "Nervous Conditions" (pdf)


"Sula" through Foucault (pdf)


A close reading of "Pnin" (pdf)


An analysis of "The House on Mango Street" through Foucault (pdf)


A Feature Written About Me By Javier Reyes, The Montclarion

"What's Your Inspiration?" Podcast, with Fox Beyer

In this episode, I return to the WYI? podcast to discuss my new album, "The Speed Of Light".

Podcast With, "TED Talk" Speaker, Fox Beyer

I was granted the great privilege to be interviewed on Mr. Beyer's podcast last November. We discuss music, sports and my 2017 album, "The Pet Project".


My Music

"Thoughts Among Whispers" is out now! The album will be out summer 2019!

Feel free to also listen to my two other albums: The Pet Project and The Speed of Light

Personal Training

About My Personal Training

During my time as a personal trainer, I have built my clientele by conducting fitness assessments, and demonstrating the value of personal training, through educating safe and proper exercise technique. I have prepared and delivered comprehensive work out programs, tailored to each client's goal and I continue to motivate and inspire each person that I work with through goal setting and frequent follow ups. Please enjoy these testimonials down below!

"Donovan Russo has helped me strive to get physically stronger for baseball by pushing me in the gym to better myself." Kyle D

"Donovan helped me lose 50 pounds with his training." Andew P

"Donovan's academy taught me things about myself that I never knew before." Noah R

"Through Donovan Russo, I learned how to live a healthy life style that is approachable and easy to excel in." Sebastian R

"Donovan got me a lot stronger, which ultimately made me stronger as a person." David P

Trap Bar dead lifts are great to perform on days that you train your lower body!

Trap Bar dead lifts are great to perform on days that you train your lower body!

This here is a picture of myself with a few of my long time students at their prom pictures.

English Tutoring

About My Tutoring

Over the last few years, I have applied my English skills by helping others at the collegiate and high school level. I assist my students with the copy editing of their papers, help them with their sentence structure and with the ability to strongly analyze the textual evidence that they are trying to support. I also specialize in reading comprehension and standardize test preparation. Please enjoy these testimonials below!

"Donovan helped me with my grammar and transitions. Because of his help, I received a B+ on the paper, which is great because the professor is known to grade very harshly." Marena T

"Donovan is a great tutor. He has helped me with research papers and how to properly find articles. He has also helped with my grammar and the overall content of my papers. I highly recommend him." Clayton D

"Donovan Russo helped write about something I care about and structurally made my writing better." Kyle D

"Donovan's tutoring really helped me become a better student and get better grades on my English papers." Andrew P

"Donovan Russo has helped me excel in writing and even helped me get into the honors program at Seton Hall University." Nick N

"Donovan helped me get to a stronger academic point." David P

Above is a picture of myself with a few of my oldest students at their prom pictures.

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